The Building Designer Who Really Hears Your Ideas

Have you ever wanted to just scream when you were talking to a professional?  You know what we are talking about.  You sit down to explain something to a Doctor, Lawyer, Building Designer, or Banker and they already know what is “best for you” before you even say a word.  That is not the way it is supposed to work, especially for building your new home.  Building design services should be focused on your dreams and ideas, not someone else’s.

What is the factor that makes the real difference?  It is communication.  Here is something you might want to try.  Schedule an appointment for a free consultation with Daryl Wood at Drafting Concepts in Queensland to discuss your desire to build a home.  Watch how he works with you.  There are two things you will notice very quickly.  He asks a lot of questions are the first one.  The second one is the intensity at which he listens.  Daryl knows by listening carefully his ability to design the perfect home for you increases exponentially.  His ideas are important, but immaterial until he knows YOUR dreams and desires.

Ignore the Plans Until Your Dreams Are Understood

It is not uncommon for people to walk into a building designer’s office and be presented with a stack of floor plans to use as the basis for their new home.  It sounds perfectly reasonable except it does not take into account your passions, the way you live, and your visions.  It starts pushing you to accept another person’s vision.  It is important to discuss your real desires, needs, and style of living before you get wrapped up in floor plans.  What looks great on paper may not be what you really want in your heart.

It is always fun to watch people talk about their dream homes to a building designer.  It usually starts off with talk about which includes items like:

  • We want 3 bedrooms.
  • The house must have a minimum of 2 bathrooms.
  • We want a formal dining area.

The real magic is not when people talk about their list.  The magic happens when they start talking about how they plan to use the rooms.  When you see a woman get excited talking about her new kitchen and she starts talking about storage, an extra sink, a kitchen island including a built-in stove, and other details you know you have found her real passion in the house.  Guys and kids usually get excited about the family room, entertainment area, or whatever you want to call the room where the fun, excitement, and family relaxation time occur.

It is those rooms which light up the faces of the clients which need extra emphasis and focus.  They need to be sensational and designed to meet the desires of the family, not just their needs.  The added magic in building design services is when the designer can start creating the same magic for the family in other rooms of the house.  This is why clear communication with a heavy emphasis on listening is what Daryl Woods and Drafting Concepts PTY Ltd in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast bring into every free consultation.  They want to know how to make the entire home magical for you.

Do not get caught up on listening to the ideas of your building designer first.  Choose a drafting service which listens to you during a free consultation and gets to understand your needs, dreams, and desires before the discussion of all the fine details of the project creep in.  Your home is going to be your treasure for years.  It must be special and designed just for you.

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Should Building Design Services Be Aimed at the Builder or the Buyer?

Building design services stand in a very unique position in the building process of a new home.  The building designer is the person who translates the desires, dreams, and wishes of the prospective home owner into concrete plans the builder can use for construction.  So who should the drafting service aim to serve?

The Demands of the Builder Are Highly Important

It would be easy to argue the building design services needs to focus on the needs of the builder.  The plans need to be precise, clear, and error free to make sure the construction process is efficient and moves forward quickly.  Simple mistakes in the material list, measurements, or construction details can lead to major mistakes, cost overruns, and delays.

The builder’s interests are highly important.  Many builders have their own home designer or draftsperson on staff.  They do this to gain higher control over the entire project and to have the ability to make changes fast.  Is this the best situation?

The Home Owner Is Paying the Bill

The other perspective is the home owner is really in charge.  After all, they are the one paying the bill.  They are paying the designer, the builder, and for all the materials to make the project come together.  The house will be their property for years, if not their entire lifetime.  We all know the real answer is that ideally the building design services focuses first on the owner of the home, but it is not really a complete answer.

At Drafting Concepts PTY Ltd, in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Queensland, they believe the focus needs to be bi-directional.  They need to stand in that central ground where they clearly see the vision of the buyer and then work diligently to translate it into plans which work for the builder.  They cannot focus wholly on either side of the equation, or the home design will be flawed.

Think about it this way.  You can find floor plans for homes online, in magazines, and in lumber yards everywhere.  Those plans give you a good idea of how a home needs to be built but do not account for all the details which are critical to the builder.  The builder needs the plans to take into account items like the following:

  • Property Drainage
  • Local Regulations
  • Location and Orientation on the Property
  • Materials to be Used

This is just a start to the list of details which must be included specific to the builder.  These added details are important to the buyer, but many of them you may not really care about.  Do you, as the buyer, want to worry about all the local building regulations and requirements?  You probably want to leave those details up to your designer and the construction team.

As the buyer you are the central focus of the plans.  You are the vision which is followed, but then once the vision is clearly understood the focus of the building designer must turn to the builder’s needs.  He must create plans which take the plans from ideas and turn them into solid instructions for making the home construction a success.

To get a clear understanding of how the entire process works Daryl Woods of Drafting Concepts would be happy to sit down with your for a free consultation.   He will explain this design processes and ask you the tough questions to determine exactly what type of home you are interested in owning.   You will quickly see the focus is centered on you, but with an eye always on the final target, creating plans the builder can use effectively.

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How Much Time Do You Need to Explain Your Home Ideas to a Building Designer?

How much time does your doctor give you to explain your problems and to help you create a plan?  How many minutes will an attorney give you to get your story out and then guide you to the next step?  Building design services are very similar.  The professional who creates drawings is busy.  How much would you pay to sit down with a top building designer for an hour to discuss your ideas and learn what is possible within your budget?  Doctors usually charge a flat rate and attorneys charge by the minute.  What should you expect?

Daryl Woods of Drafting Concepts PTY Ltd believes hearing your story and understanding your dreams is more important than making a few dollars on an initial consultation.  Daryl offers to sit down with people planning to build a new home, or other project, for a full hour for free.  This free consultation allows you plenty of time to explain where you want to build, the type of home you want, and other concerns and ideas you have.  The time also allows the building designer to tell you about the process required to create your drawings and issues which you need to understand.

You will discover that full hour of time to talk about your home plans may be the most valuable hour you spend in the entire building process.  This is when your ideas start moving from concept into reality.  It is when your dreams start to crystallize into realization.

Do You and The Building Designer Share A Vision?

Many building designers charge for this initial consultation, but the team at Drafting Concepts believes this time needs to be free for a few reasons.

  1. You have no idea if you are going to like the ideas of the designer until you meet them.
  2. The information gained during the 1 hour saves Drafting Concepts hours of time during the production phase.
  3. Your communication styles might not mesh, which would make Drafting Concepts the wrong choice for your project.

That initial consultation time is when both you and the designer determine if you can work together successfully.  Some designers will work with anyone and everyone, but the team at Drafting Concepts likes to work with people they enjoy and who are passionate about their building project.  You will realize how much Daryl and his team enjoy what they are doing as you sit down for the meeting.

The real fun is when you sit down and realize how much you both enjoy talking about the project.  You will notice the eyes light up as you both start discussing details of your future home.  The design process is a fun and exciting time.  You start being able to take those concepts off of your scratched out notes and rough drawings and turning them into something which will get your home building dreams underway.

Discovering New Ideas for Your Home with a Free Consultation

It is amazing how often the conversations during these initial consultations take interesting and fun twists.  You start talking about your future home and quickly Daryl notices when you get excited and when a touch of disappointment is in your attitude.  Those moments lead to further questions which guide you to making subtle changes which make your home even better than you previously dreamed.

The free consultation is a great time to brainstorm and determine what is really possible within your budget.  How much difference is there between standard closets and large walk-in closets?  How can you have as many bathrooms as you really want without destroying the budget?  How will the home of your dreams work on the parcel of land you own?  Those are all questions you can cover when you schedule your free consultation to discuss your needs for building design services.

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Sunshine Coast Building Design Services Offers Rapid Service

Admit it, once you have made that decision you want to get started building a new home you do not want any delays.  You want to get started right now.  You want building design services which give you a quote fast and construction drawings quick.  Before you get moving too fast let us take a look at a few other items which will speed up your construction project.

Getting a Quote for Your Construction Drawings Fast

The first thing you want is to get a quote for your construction drawings.  You can get a quote within 48 hours from many firms including one which is going to attempt to slow you down for just a few moments.  Drafting Concepts in Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Queensland will get you a quote within 48 hours, but they want to capture your attention for a few minutes first.  They want you to come in for a free consultation so they can really understand your needs, not just speculate on them.

The reason they request the consultation is not just about getting an initial feel for your project.  It is about speeding up your entire construction process.  How is a simple consultation going to do that?

Proper Information Leads to Effective Drawings

The reason you want the consultation is to get things done faster.  When the team at Drafting Concepts knows your real desires and ideas they can move from quote to creation faster.  They will be creating plans which mesh with your hopes, dreams, and passions and getting it right the first time.

Information gathered in the consultation allows everyone to more faster and more precisely.  It is not just this phase of the process which speeds up, though.

Proper Plans Lead to Faster Construction

You would be appalled to learn how often construction workers are stuck on the job not knowing the next step.  The crew chief is in the office on the phone trying to figure out some little detail on the plans before they move forward.  It is frustrating for them, and costly for you.

Daryl Woods of Drafting Concepts believes that precise plans which are based upon a client’s vision streamline the entire process.  When the plans are properly drawn and the vision communicated clearly to the construction company delays are less likely.  Things move forward fast.  The team at Drafting Concepts makes sure the construction team knows they are available for questions and help keep your project moving forward.  This simple focus on quality and precision can often cut days or weeks off of a build.

The First Delay Often Happens in the Council Offices

Envision your disgust if you take your rapidly produced plans to the permit department in the council offices and get denied.  It could be a very small mistake on the drawings which created the problem, but you will not care.  Your project just hit the first delay.  Drafting Concepts has been working with local permit officials and has earned their respect.  Their precise plans and focus on meeting local regulations means their plans normally fly through the approval process.  When those rare problems do occur they fix them fast.  You can even turn the dirty work of getting the building permits over to the team at Drafting Concepts.

Getting Started on Your New Home Fast

The fastest way to get started on your new home is to have a free consultation with Drafting Concepts.   You can get a quote in 48 hours.  You can have plans in less than two weeks.  Most importantly, you know the plans will be right and will not cause delays in the future.  Your construction project is on the fast path to successful completion and avoids never ending frustration and delays.

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House Design Services for Playhouses to Massive Mansions

What type of structure do you have on your mind today?  Are you thinking about building a tiny living space for your children?  Are you ready to build your dreams home and have a mansion built?  You are probably working on a project somewhere between those two but your needs in building design services is going to be very similar.  Why would you have the same needs for building a playhouse, a mansion, or your beautiful new home?

Precision Planning Leads to Safety and Value

Let us take a brief look at our two extremes for a moment.  When you want to design an elaborate playhouse for your children what is the first critical thing you have on your mind?  The first answer from most parents is safety.  The second answer is fun.  Safety does not happen by accident.  It happens by carefully planning how a playhouse will be constructed, what materials will be used, what type of foundation the playhouse will sit on, and dozens of other little issues.  There is even the question of whether you will need a building permit or not.   You may not need to hire a drafting service, but you will want quality plans.

When you jump into building a mansion you face some of the same issues.  Interestingly when asked what is the first thing which crosses their minds safety does not top the list.  The number one item is almost always cost.  Safety usually falls several slots further down the list.  This is not because safety is not equally important.  Safety is assumed.  This is why working with building design services you can trust is essential when building a mansion or home.  You need a service which has a proven history of building high quality structures which are safe, durable, and meet all of your other criteria.

How High Is Home Beauty on Your List?

Now turn to your kids and ask what is number one on their list for the playhouse.  The girls are going to say pretty, beautiful, cute, or some other aesthetically descriptive word.  You can expect the boy to use words like tough, cool, awesome, or some other aesthetic term which is a boy’s vision of beautiful.  Your design must take these factors into consideration mixed carefully in with the safety factors.

Gentlemen, you already know when you ask the woman in your life about the new home beauty is going to be very high on the list.  This is not an optional item.  Your building designer needs to be able to listen carefully to you and your family’s visions of what they want the house to look like and combine them with regulatory requirements, safety factors, and your functional desires to create a house which looks great and provides great living comfort.

Beauty does not happen by accident any more than safety does.  It requires thought, planning, and execution.  The trouble with many designers is they get stuck in working from preconceived notions instead of focusing on what is being said to them.  When you talk to a building designer at Drafting Concepts PTY LTD of Queensland it becomes apparent very quickly they are one hundred percent focused on your ideas, your visions, and dreams.  They take your vision and translate it into construction drawings which integrate all of the required elements to build a playhouse, mansion, or your home.

Learn more about how functional purpose, safety, and beauty can be combined to create your dreams home by having a free consultation with a building designer at Drafting Concepts PTY Ltd in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.  You will discover building design services should be an integration of technical skill and outstanding personal communication to understand your dreams and desires.

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Building Design Services for Challenging Terrain

Did you buy one of those pieces of property which is amazingly beautiful and simultaneously challenging for the builder?  Choosing the building design services to design your home in unique terrain requires a little more care.  You do not want to trust the design to anyone.

Unusual terrain requires the building designer to take into account how drainage will work on the property.  They must examine the elevation changes and how it affects the building design.  On some challenging properties they even have to figure ways to build the home right into a hillside.  Some designer looks at these challenges and run away.  Others look at this type of property and get excited.

Drafting Concepts PTY Ltd in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Queensland enjoy the challenges presented by these types of properties.  Integrating landscape, terrain, and the home together makes for an exciting adventure.  The adventure starts by sitting down with you and talking about how you picture the home sitting on the property and looking.  Your opinion is the starting point of the creative process.

Daryl Woods, the owner and lead designer of Drafting Concepts, likes to start all of these projects off with a free consultation.  Sitting down to look over your property and your visions for the home allows his mind to start envisioning ways to make your dreams come true.  Do not be shocked if he suddenly starts jotting down notes while you discuss your vision.

Added Regulations Often Come with Unique Properties

The challenges with this type of property are not isolated to the home design.  These pieces of land are often in subdivisions which have added regulations, fire protection rules, or other ordinances which must be followed.  It is important you work with a licensed drafting service which keeps up on all of these details in Queensland like the building design services team at Drafting Concepts.  A home design which does not account for all of those details gets instantly rejected on the building permit.

How detailed is the vision for your home?  Does it have a car port which meshes into the hillside?  Does it have a swimming pool to complicate the process even further?  Will it include decks, balconies, or other features to help you enjoy your unique property?  None of these issues causes any discomfort for Daryl and his team.  They have seen these problems before and created plans which integrate the beauty of the home and the terrain.

The real challenges on these projects are taking them from concept to completion.  The level of communication needed on this type of project is amplified.  The initial conversations between you and the designer must be thorough.  Discussions with builders must be equally thorough.  This is where Daryl Wood really excels.  His background of working in construction, supply, and now in design allows him to communicate precisely with builders.  He can become your liaison with the builders to make sure everyone stays on task and understands the plans and challenges they may face.

Have a Creative Mastermind Session for Your Home

Instead of spending a lot of time trying to figure out ideas for you, give Drafting Concepts a call and schedule a free consultation.  Take along pictures of the property, your notes, and ideas to discuss them with Daryl.  As you both relax to discuss your ideas and dreams the vision will begin to crystallize in both of your minds.  Soon you will excitedly talking about getting the drawings made, and construction underway.  Sitting down with someone who understands your passion for having a unique piece of land and who enjoys the challenges of designing a home to match will free your creative spirit.  Have fun and create the home of your dreams.

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Building Design Services Created for Buyers from Brisbane to Sunshine Coast

How many different types of properties can you find as you travel from Brisbane to Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia?  The variety is truly amazing.  How many different communities will you travel through?  You will be going through communities like Oxenford, Pimpama, Shailer Park, Underwood, Coopers Plains, and many others.  Your choice of building design services for this area of Queensland needs to have an understanding of the rules and regulations for all of these communities.  Where are you planning to build?

Drafting Concepts PTY Ltd creates construction drawings and building designs for people in all of these communities.  Daryl Wood and his team keep up to date on local rules and regulations throughout the region.  When they start working in a community which they have not designed for previously they dig deeply to discover if there are any special concerns for home plans.

Are Local Construction Professionals Familiar with Your Designer?

Council offices, inspectors, and builders throughout the region are familiar with Daryl and Drafting Concepts.  They have seen him around the scene for years creating outstanding plans and being involved in the industry.   He started off working in construction, moved into construction supply, and then followed his real dreams to become a designer.

What does this mean for you?  It means when you sit down with Daryl for a free consultation to discuss building a home anywhere from Brisbane to Sunshine Coast he is going to understand the challenges you might face.  He is going to know who to contact to get answers and how to get your building permit approved and the project underway.

More importantly, the team at Drafting Concepts lives in the region and they understand how to design homes which integrate into the communities and environment while still giving you the appearance and originality you desire.

Do You Need Referrals to Help Choose the Building Design Services?

When you sit down for your free consultation make sure you ask for a few referrals from the area.  That allows you to contact people who have experienced the design process, watched as it went through the entire building process, and the final certification.  They can explain to you how the focus on clear communication at all points in the process eliminated wasted time and potential mistakes.  Many previous clients will tell you stories of how they actually ended up with more than they expected as they were challenged to express their real dreams for their home.

Equally important is taking the time to talk to a few builders who have worked with the designer.  What were there impressions?  Were the plans easy to follow?  Did they run into many questions?

Daryl Wood’s background of being involved in all phases of construction allows him to have some very unique insights.  He knows first-hand the importance of plans being precisely worded and very clear.  He knows when there is any ambiguity construction comes to a stop until the issues is clarified.  He understands that tiny mistakes which violate a local zoning rule can even stop the building permits from being issued.  His intimate knowledge of the communities scattered between Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, paired with his thorough understanding of the industry allows him to create plans which do not cause delays.

All of the knowledge, background, and skill needs to be accompanied by one more thing.  Your choice of a team for building design services must have synergy.  You must feel comfortable talking with the designer.  You must feel confident they can communicate clearly to builders.  You want to feel assured they can deal with council officials, certifiers, and other regulators.  The best way to find out if a building designer is right for our community is to sit down and talk to them.  Daryl Woods at Drafting Concepts offers a free one hour consultation.

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A Brisbane Building Designer with Unique Credentials

What makes a great building designer?  That question is not really fair. There are many great building designers throughout Australia with wildly different backgrounds.  Some leaders in building design services have all of their training from a university.  Others built their skills by living, breathing, and experiencing the construction world.

Daryl Woods, a highly respected building designer in Queensland, followed the path of learning on a unique and varied path through the construction industry.  Early in his career you would find Daryl working with hammers and saw in hand.  As he moved forward in his career he entered the construction supply arena.  As he learned more about the industry he became motivated to start turning his ideas and the ideas of others into real construction drawings.

Daryl got busy taking additional training, learned how to use CAD programs, and most importantly, learned the important lesson of understanding a client’s needs before you started making drawings.  This desire to learn exactly what a client wants and needs permeates the entire company.  This has become one of the trademarks of working with Drafting Concepts PTY Ltd.  You feel like your dreams are clearly heard and understood.  You can experience that attitude by having a free initial consultation with Daryl Wood and getting a free quote for your construction drawings.

Understanding Clients Pain Points Creates Deeper Understanding

Daryl through his years in construction and supply heard the complaints of home buyers and builders on how often there were mistakes in plans and how plans often did not match the buyers’ real dreams.  He has taken all of that feedback to create an organization which is well-known for their technical excellence in creating great construction drawings but it does not stop there.  His commitment is to create a design which fits you and your dreams.

One thing which is quickly apparent to anyone who has worked in the industry is how tiny mistakes can create big delays.  A minor missing detail on a drawing can cause long delays in getting a building permit.  When a building designer overlooks an important local building regulation it can cause thousands of dollars in rework.  Not communicating ideas clearly in the plans can lead to delays in construction, hurt feelings, and potential delays in final certification.  Precision is critical.

Determine Quality of the Building Designer with Investigation

Here are a few great ways to determine if a building designer creates precise, workable, and beautiful plans.  Start off by asking to see his portfolio.  It should include plans, photographs of homes under construction, and properties which have been completed.  Ask the company you are considering for building design services to provide you with referrals for two or three home owners and a couple builders they have worked with.  The phone calls to those referrals will really open your eyes.

Top designers like Daryl Woods at Drafting Concepts will not blink an eye when you ask for those items. He might point out that much of the information is already on their website, but then will quickly hand you the information you want.  He understands you are making a tough decision.  This is not a request to have plans drawn up for a dollhouse; this is for the home you intend to live in for years.  When you call the referrals make sure you ask about how the construction process went.  Quiz them about communication.  Find out how well the drafting service stood behind the project throughout construction.

The reason companies like Drafting Concepts are so willing to turn over the referrals and information is easy.  They know once you check out their reputation in the industry you will be calling them back to get your free quote.

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