Building Design Services for Challenging Terrain

Did you buy one of those pieces of property which is amazingly beautiful and simultaneously challenging for the builder?  Choosing the building design services to design your home in unique terrain requires a little more care.  You do not want to trust the design to anyone.

Unusual terrain requires the building designer to take into account how drainage will work on the property.  They must examine the elevation changes and how it affects the building design.  On some challenging properties they even have to figure ways to build the home right into a hillside.  Some designer looks at these challenges and run away.  Others look at this type of property and get excited.

Drafting Concepts PTY Ltd in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Queensland enjoy the challenges presented by these types of properties.  Integrating landscape, terrain, and the home together makes for an exciting adventure.  The adventure starts by sitting down with you and talking about how you picture the home sitting on the property and looking.  Your opinion is the starting point of the creative process.

Daryl Woods, the owner and lead designer of Drafting Concepts, likes to start all of these projects off with a free consultation.  Sitting down to look over your property and your visions for the home allows his mind to start envisioning ways to make your dreams come true.  Do not be shocked if he suddenly starts jotting down notes while you discuss your vision.

Added Regulations Often Come with Unique Properties

The challenges with this type of property are not isolated to the home design.  These pieces of land are often in subdivisions which have added regulations, fire protection rules, or other ordinances which must be followed.  It is important you work with a licensed drafting service which keeps up on all of these details in Queensland like the building design services team at Drafting Concepts.  A home design which does not account for all of those details gets instantly rejected on the building permit.

How detailed is the vision for your home?  Does it have a car port which meshes into the hillside?  Does it have a swimming pool to complicate the process even further?  Will it include decks, balconies, or other features to help you enjoy your unique property?  None of these issues causes any discomfort for Daryl and his team.  They have seen these problems before and created plans which integrate the beauty of the home and the terrain.

The real challenges on these projects are taking them from concept to completion.  The level of communication needed on this type of project is amplified.  The initial conversations between you and the designer must be thorough.  Discussions with builders must be equally thorough.  This is where Daryl Wood really excels.  His background of working in construction, supply, and now in design allows him to communicate precisely with builders.  He can become your liaison with the builders to make sure everyone stays on task and understands the plans and challenges they may face.

Have a Creative Mastermind Session for Your Home

Instead of spending a lot of time trying to figure out ideas for you, give Drafting Concepts a call and schedule a free consultation.  Take along pictures of the property, your notes, and ideas to discuss them with Daryl.  As you both relax to discuss your ideas and dreams the vision will begin to crystallize in both of your minds.  Soon you will excitedly talking about getting the drawings made, and construction underway.  Sitting down with someone who understands your passion for having a unique piece of land and who enjoys the challenges of designing a home to match will free your creative spirit.  Have fun and create the home of your dreams.